FAQ-RTQ with Rebecca King, Director of Communications

January 27, 2021

  • Public relations has come a long way from your standard news release and print media. With so many services available, how do you know which ones to provide clients?

    • Our team matches client goals with the channels that will bring them the most success. An unfortunate pitfall of our industry is doing this the other way around – forcing certain platforms that are not suited for the client just because they are available.


  • One thing is certain in the public relations industry: it is impossible to plan a crisis. What does your team do to help a client when things go south?

    • While it is impossible to plan for a crisis, it IS possible to be the eyes looking around the corner. We run possible scenarios and work closely with our clients to plan ahead; however, when an unforeseen situation does arise, we use the following principles to guide us: Stay calm, be the first to communicate, and do so truthfully and clearly.​

Rebecca King Headshot.jpg


  • Many clients want to see a ROI. What are some of the main/best methods you use to measure success and why?

    • Measures of success are unique for every client and are decided before launching any campaign. Sometimes we use clear analytics, other times we do public polling which allows us to measure shifts in opinion. For example, it’s great that 5 million people saw an ad or campaign, but what we really want to know is if it actually changed their opinion the way we intended.


  • Throughout your years at the company, you have graduated from Community Relations Coordinator to Director of Communications. What are some of the biggest things that helped you grow as a professional?

    • I attribute the majority of my success to the team around me. We have an “all in” mentality and are constantly challenging each other to be better. There is a lot of friendly competition, support on bad days and celebrations for our successes.


  • What separates McNicholas & Associates from other public relation firms?

    • The two biggest things that set us apart is our strategic approach to client needs and our team. Many firms offer a menu of services and take direction from the client. We prefer to get to know the client first and then recommend a strategic plan that will work. We aren’t afraid to tell them something that they initially don’t want to hear, especially if we know it will bring them success in the long run. As far as our team, I truly believe we are the best in the business. Each one of us goes the extra mile for our clients, every time.