Our Firm

McNicholas & Associates produces clear and effective communications for clients seeking to create long-lasting impacts within their industries and spheres of influence.


We service a diverse group of private and public companies, organizations, agencies, and municipalities with work that is thoughtful, thorough, creative, and — most importantly — effective. From hyper-local stakeholder opinion campaigns to years-long endeavors to save and strengthen public-private partnerships, our team is known for crafting strategies, messaging, and plans that deliver results.


Our Offices

With three offices in the Southeast as well as remote contractors and capabilities, we consider ourselves “near” all of our clients — open to calls, meetings, and work sessions, regardless of location.

Our home office in Palm Beach County, Florida offers easy access to travel to and from major cities and international locations. While our work is typically behind the scenes, we make ourselves available when needed and regularly visit our sister sites as well as political locales important to our clients.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

3001 PGA Boulevard #300
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
[email protected]
Tel: 772-219-1719

Tallahassee, FL

106 E. Jefferson Street, 2nd Fl
Tallahassee, FL 32301
[email protected]
Tel: 850-577-1113

Charleston, SC

[email protected]
Tel: 843-605-9072

Our Team

McNicholas & Associates is comprised of some of the finest minds in public relations, communications, politics, and public affairs. Every day, our associates are engaged in local and international campaigns, policymaking strategies, and communications planning. Whether working with local media or a Fortune 50 client, each of our associates deliver concise and compelling messaging.