Public Affairs

McNicholas & Associates includes some of the nation’s most successful practitioners in public affairs.

With backgrounds in political campaign management, government communications, and grassroots movements, our team efficiently and effectively manages strategic messaging from organizations to stakeholders. With eyes on the public and feet in DC, we help clients illuminate policies and views that directly affect their operations, and assist policy makers and legislators in drafting and encouraging policies and legislation that align goals.

From universities to business coalitions, trade associations, and local community organizations, we provide a single point of contact for all campaign needs. Armed with strategic intelligence, insights, strategy, and masterful messaging that clearly emphasizes a campaign’s importance, our associates’ Public Affairs efforts encompass Grassroots Coalition Building, Advocacy Advertising, Government Relations, and Media Relations.

Public Affairs

Message Development

Our team has developed messaging for Members of Congress, Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies, major sports franchises, and more. Clarity, compelling verbiage, and attention to detail are key components of message development that persuade and change opinions.

Coalition Management

Our firm has helped organize and manage business to business, business to government, and grassroots coalitions across the country. From US farm lands to main street American to State Capitols and to the halls of the United States Capitol, we inspire and create results.

Digital Advocacy

As the world dives deeper into digital communications, it is imperative to have your public affairs communications plans incorporate cohesive and compelling digital content. Our team has managed thousands of digital advocacy campaigns, incorporating text, video, and audio messaging into platforms that reach millions.

Earned Media

Earned media remains the quintessential sign of a successful communications program. The term has taken on a new meaning in this changing digital landscape, and now includes blog content, podcasts, and social app platforms. Our professionals engage with influencers and digital content providers to maximize results for our clients.

Grassroots and Grasstops Outreach

Our grassroots program managers have extensive and successful expertise in building grassroots coalitions, activating and maintaining campaigns, and providing materials and messaging for a wide range of public policy debates. If you need to move the needle, we are the magnet.


With decades of experience managing communications, relationships, and public opinion — inside and outside of government — we have fine-tuned our research capabilities to deliver pertinent information quickly. From fiscal policy, education, transportation, healthcare, and more, we deliver data that gives you a clear understanding of the issues.