Our Services

Litigation Support

We provide one-on-one support services for attorneys to aid their productivity and direct them toward positive results. Our network and longstanding relationships allow us to connect clients with the contacts they need to yield successful outcomes.

Public Relations

Our clients’ message must cut through the clutter! As public relations professionals, our job is to capture the public's attention and craft creative messages that stand out among all the others. By working alongside the client to develop specific messaging strategies, we identify overall objectives and design a uniquely tailored plan to bring in positive recognition and measurable success.

Public Affairs

We coordinate legislative efforts by communicating with each client's coalitions. With offices and professional staff in Tallahassee and the Southeast United States we have the ability to guide public policy using a hands-on, on-site approach. Delegating business face-to-face in Florida's capital establishes a heightened level of importance for our clients and their goals.

Media Relations

Our team has longstanding, trusted relationships with local, regional and national media. We strive to develop and maintain positive relationships with news outlets to provide clients with the best resources possible.

Broadcast & Print Media Buys

We have the data to support smart media buys… your money matters. We ensure each client's message gains the attention of targeted communities in the most effective way possible. Our broadcast and print media experts make calculated media purchases to reach specific demographics and increase client exposure. By identifying the client’s intended audience, we make strategic decisions that increase public awareness in key areas.

Video Production

Our video and productions teams are the best in the business. Simply grabbing a camera and pressing record does not mean your story is being told, it is important to tell the story through captured emotions and a company’s culture. When we create content for our clients, we capture their brand essence and deliver messaging points that resonate with the audience on a personal level.

Crisis Comms & Media

Always be prepared, because the next crisis for you or your company comes without warning. For two decades we have navigated clients through real life nightmares and national emergencies. Our experience gives us the understanding to see around corners and prepare for what’s coming next. At a moment’s notice we are available to resolve the issues and navigate a safe path forward.

Grassroots Campaigns & Community Outreach

We advocate for local communities by organizing efficient campaigns. At McNicholas & Associates, we understand the importance of community involvement and outreach. Each year we represent non-profit organizations and clients looking to give back to local areas. With our help and resources, organizations create positive change and provide essential goods and services to those who do not have access to it.

Social Media & Digital Media

We use various online platforms to build awareness and promote the unique message of each client. Our team is devoted to telling YOUR story and we accomplish this by placing your message to the right people, platform and place.

Corporate Event Management

We prioritize each event to ensure everything our team oversees is successful from concept to completion. We recognize the value behind every major and minor detail that goes into running a memorable event. With our team by your side, we ensure your event will run smoothly and successfully.

Graphic Design & Printing

Our in-house content is sure to grab the attention of any audience. When telling your story, we pay close attention to every detail. Our graphic design team understands the importance of constructing a clear and informative story, pushing out the entire message and powering results through increased public education and engagement.